21st April

What a busy day today was – I had to get up at 5:30 as the students were leaving to go home. Things had been going downhill with them after an incident earlier in the week where they got in trouble for coming home early and then ended up sleeping in the following morning. They had no problem getting up this morning however and they were awake and crashing about at 5:15. I dropped them off and they just walked off with no thank you or even goodbye. Spoilt brats if you ask me!

Sarah then had a tutorial from 10 till 12 at the local college so I dropped her off. Meanwhile Ben was as high as a kite cos he knew and was looking forward to staying at Uncle Steven’s tonight – if it had been down to him he’d have been dressed and packed at 8:30! In the kitchen Lissi was making the cake for her Nannie but that was going slowly as she had hurt her foot during the week and wasn’t able to stand on it for long. She only finished baking the cakes at midnight and was now cutting them to shape and icing them.

I shot off to The range to buy some mint seeds for the herb garden (actually ended up buying seedlings instead) and get some icing pens for Lis. As it turns out the ones I bought didn’t fit the nozzles she had so Sarah and I ended up having to go to Asda to get another set after she’d finished her tutorial and got her eyebrows done. As we went off to Asda we spotted the crowds of Swindon fans at the bottom of the road being corralled by half of Medway’s Police.

We set off to go to Croydon at about 5:15 which was lucky as the crowd from the football ground was just starting to come up the street as we left. We couldn’t believe how many Police there were outside the station – it’s amazing how many Police they can get together when there’s a footy match or when the riots were on last year but there never seems to be any around at any other time – like when drunks are smashing wing mirrors off cars or pissing in the alleyways!


So we got to Croydon about 6:30 and set about organising the surprise party. Lissi put the finishing touches to the cake while ballons were delivered and we all hid in the corner when Sarah’s mum arrived. It was a nice evening, the food was ok and it all went off without any issues which was a relief. It did go on much longer than we expected so by the time we’d got the kids off in Uncle Steven’s car and set off to drive home it was about 11:30 – so we ended up collapsing into bed at about 1am and we went out like a light!



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