22nd April

Blimey what a busy weekend although today has been child free thanks to an “uncle day” – will maybe fill in the gaps later!

Today could be summed up by Sleep > Eat > Sleep > Go and get Kids > Sleep!

As yesterday had been so stressful we ended up having a nice long child free lie in this morning. Then after tidying up a bit (the kitchen was still suffering from the aftermath of cake production!) we went out for lunch. It’s not often we get to go out just the two of us so we made the most of it! Sarah had heard about a pub that did a nice Sunday carvery so we decided to go and try it. The pub was quite crowded but we only had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table and to be honest by the time we’d got a drink and paid for the meal we’d only been sat down for a few minutes when we were called.

The food was lovely – you had a choice of beef, turkey, gammon or pork (or a combination) and then you could help yourself to as much veg as you wanted – and as far as we could see some people were taking that very literally! It was reasonable too – we had a main course and desert plus I had two pints of Spitfire and Sarah had a coke and we still had change out of £25. We’ll definitely go back there again.


So by the time we got home we were stuffed so we ended up having a lie down which was only disturbed when Sarah’s mum sent her a text – otherwise we would have been there all night! So we then had to set off to pick up the kids from Sarah’s brother’s place in south London. They had had a great day – pancakes for breakfast and playing on the wii before heading into London There they’d been on a pedalo in Hyde park plus a picnic, visited Harrods to shelter from the rain and gone to a mediaeval banquet which included getting dressed up in costumes. They’d even found time to make rude sentences on Steven’s fridge too!


Ben was asleep before we got to the end of the road but given he didn’t get to bed till 12:45 the night before and was still going at 10 tonight I dread to think what he’ll be like in the morning!

Steven’s girlfriend was the one making pancakes and when she put that as her status on Facebook Sarah posted to ask what time Ben had woken up!

She then replied “I thought Ben was with you” – Funny!


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