23rd April

St George’s Day – not an easy day for the English who always seem to be embarrassed by their Englishness! I can quite understand it when you see some of the arseholes who think that being English means hating everyone else – the football hooligans and fascists who appropriate the flag and make it seem that being proud to be English is something to be ashamed of.

On Saturday we passed a pub who were having a St. George’s Day party. They’d decked out the beer garden with camouflage netting and flags of St George. In the car park they’d parked an armoured vehicle. Why is it that with thousands of years of history to choose from the only dates that seem to matter are 1939-1945 (with possibly a bit of 1966 chucked in!). It’s often the case that the views espoused by these idiots are directly opposed to the reason we fought the second world war anyway.


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