29th April

We went to return something I had bought last week today. We jumped into the car  and headed off to the shop. On the way the car started to lose power so I drove it slowly towards the slip road that we needed to come off at anyway. As we pulled onto the slip road I looked in my rear view mirror and there was what appeared to be a cloud of smoke pouring out of the back.

I stopped as soon as I could and Sarah and Ben got out and went to a safe place. I got my phone and my RAC membership card out of my wallet and called them. While I was waiting in a queue I decided to move the car a few metres to where Sarah was standing. When I started the engine it seemed fine and it drove ok up to the point where I planned to stop. I suggested to Sarah that I try to drive it to the car park outside the shops and phone the RAC there as that would be better than waiting for them on the slip road.

She said her and Ben would walk over so I set off gingerly but after going all the way round the roundabout as I forgot where I was I got into the car park and drove around for 5 minutes looking for a space. The car seemed fine so I set off to find Sarah. We looked round the shops and then we decided to drive the car home and see how it went. It seemed fine but there were a couple of times when I wasn’t sure if it was going to do it again. We also went the other way through the town so it was difficult to give it a good run. We decided we’d call out the RAC anyway as it would be better to have them come out tonight than have to wait for them on the hard shoulder tomorrow morning on the way to work!

So they turned up about 8:15 tonight and he fitted his computer onto the car and it came up with 4 faults. However when he checked again it showed no fault found and he checked the things that had come up as a fault and none of them showed a fault. He suggested that maybe it was the engine management system having a wobble – possibly due to the heavy rain last night – and it had now righted itself, either when I turned the ignition off when I stopped the first time or when he did the checks on the system. I drove the car round the block and it seemed fine so fingers crossed for tomorrow morning!


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