2nd May

Yesterday while poking around on the internet I found a video of the Comus gig on Saturday night. I’d seen someone with a video camera at the gig and was hoping it might turn up somewhere. It’s obviously quite basic as there was only one camera but it is HD which is cool. The only issue is the sound.

The first track he put up was Song to Comus and when Bobbie starts shaking her maracas and banging her tambourine the overall level drops. This is because the automatic recording level of the camera reacts to the loudest sound and adjusts the level accordingly. I had this problem a few years ago when I was filming some Morris Dancers – the drums were so loud that the other musicians dropped right down – it’s bloody annoying! The other issue I saw (or rather heard) was that when he zoomed in the audio level seemed to dip – never seem that before.

So anyway I downloaded Song to Comus and edited it so that it now had my soundtrack on it – which in my opinion is an improvement. I then wondered about contacting him and offering to collaborate with him to mix his video and my sound together. I wasn’t sure if I should as I was worried he might take it the wrong way and get the hump – so I mulled it over. I did eventually e-mail him after he’d uploaded 3 more videos but put it in such a way so that he knew I wouldn’t be offended if he just told me to fuck off!

Foolishly listened to Diana within earshot of Sarah last night. She asked what I was listening to and I said a video of Saturday night. She came over and watched it for a minute or so. I sat there thinking she’s going to take the piss so I  said “go on then” and she did!

Her: What are we doing at the weekend?
Me: I fancy going to see the Higher State at the Barge.
Her: that’s not fair you went out last weekend why don’t we go out together?
Me: Sure no problem……how do you fancy going to see the Higher State at the Barge?


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