3rd May

If you don’t believe there’s a price for this sweet paradise
Remind me to show you the scars

Disappointment today as I missed out on buying the scream – bloody thing went for £74 million which was slightly over my budget! I’ll just have to save up in case a copy of Chagall’s La Mariée comes on the market because after all happiness isn’t happiness without a violin-playing goat.

Following on from yesterdays comment about the Comus video. The guy got back to me and in his message he said that he thought that a video I made last year from something Ben shot was really good and suggested that I enter it in the Virgin Media Shorts competition. Oddly I had thought about doing something for it but the suggestion of entering the film I’d already made appealed. Only thing was it was too long. To qualify it needed to be 2 minutes and 20 seconds and it was almost a minute longer.

So I decided to cut it down which turned out to be easier than I thought as there was a bit on the end I could easily lose and I reduced the credit by shortening them and combining 4 slides into 2. This meant I only needed to lose anothe 10 second or so which I found easily in the middle. The just as I got it how I wanted it I realised that I hadn’t used the HD version so I had to take out the low res footage and replace it and re-render it all again. Eventually I got it all done and having spotted a jump edit for some traffic lights and corrected it exported it ready for upload.

I watched it through one last time and then I spotted a spelling mistake on one of the credits. I then had to check all of the music and sound effects to make sure that they were ok to use and I wasn’t breaching any copyrights – thankfully I’d use stuff that was available for use even in commercial productions. Finally I was happy and proceeded to upload it to the competition website. I deliberately didn’t watch any of the videos that had already been submitted before uploading mine other wise I might have been put off!

Anyway I’ve done it now and just have to wait until July to see if I make the shortlist!

The kettle’s on, the sun has gone
another day
She offers me Tibetan tea
on a flower tray


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