6th May


Another wet miserable day so no visit to sweeps again. A shame really as there were a couple of bands I would liked to have caught. We went to the local DIY store instead, the usual Bank Holiday outing! The banister was coming away from the wall and the bracket needed to be moved. I hate doing this sort of stuff and this was made worse as it really needed to be done by a left handed person! I struggled to get the bracket attached to the banister as the screws would only go so far in and then the filler wouldn’t come out of the tube – all very frustrating. Drilling the holes for the screws to attach it to the wall was a doddle after that!

I did pick up two chilli plants while I was at B&Q to replace the ones from last year that didn’t make it through the winter. I had 3 last year, two I picked up from Freecycle and one I bought from Wilkinson’s. The Freecycle ones produced big chillies but they had no heat in them whereas the bought one produced very hot but very small chillis. So I’m really hoping for size AND heat this year!



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