10th May

Well the day hasn’t got off to a good start! I woke up about 40 minutes before the alarm, which was set for 5 as I have to be in London by 7, was due to go off. When I got up I discovered that there was no hot water so a barely lukewarm shower was all I could manage.

I decided to check that the hearing was actually on so I went into the utility room and that’s when I found the smelly sloppy poo that had been left by our old doddery moggy. Stil at least things couldn’t get any worse……oh bugger it’s pissing it down!


I’m filming a training session today and we’ve got two cameras set up. The project manager has brought along 3 tie clip radio microphones to record the presenters but somewhere down the line we end up integrating these with the single handhled radio microphone that is plugged into the house system and using them to amplify as well as record. The only problem is that because of the speaker positions and the size of the room leaving all 4 microphones open at the same time isn’t an option as they start to feedback.

So i end up operating sound in the room as well as the camera, which is fine when there are just people speaking but gets tricky when there’s a Q&A session. Panning and zooming the camera and adjusting the iris as you go is a two handed job (three would be useful) so having to try and simultaneously reach round and find the correct knob (cheap and cheerful mixer – see below. ok for mixing sound for recording but not much cop for room sound) on the mixer to turn a microphone up or down is making things just a little complicated and I’m getting narked at the video shots going wrong. It’s a good job there’s two cameras other wise there’d be some horrible moments in the final video!


I also had a reason (finally) to get the HS1 into London. Most times the places I work are at the other end of the city and hence getting the train to Victoria (or London bridge) makes more sense. The HS1 is far more expensive but today as I need to be at Farringdon the cost of the HS1 trip extended to Farringdon is only a little bit more than it would cost to go to Victoria and get the tube. However when all is said and done the HS1 doesn’t cut that much time off the journey because it takes about 45 minutes compared to about 52 into Victoria and if I’m totally honest the Victoria trains are far more comfortable!! This is why I never feel that it’s worth the additional cost.



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