12th May


Little furry bastards are all over the garden. I must have flicked about 20 of them into the alley from the strawberry and chilli plants this morning!



After all the rain it was nice to get out in the garden in the sunshine today. The grass desperately needed cutting as it had gone wild. The grapevines are starting to sprout leaves which is good – I planted them almost a year ago the day before my Gran died so it means a lot to me that they’ve survived.

The strawberries looks though they’ll be abundant as well assuming the caterpillars don’t eat them first. I also went for a wander down the alley and cut a couple of cuttings from some ivy plants to see if they’ll take like the one I planted last year. If they do it’ll look nice as there will be 3 varieties of ivy climbing up what is a rather dull wall.

I also made a rhubarb crumble with the rhubarb we bought last week at the farmer’s market for £1. We’re going to have it tomorrow with some custard.



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