14th May






Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


Working at a new hotel out near the airport. Why do hotel designers not change their ideas. Hotels don’t seem to evolve the way other buildings do. Why don’t they make more use of natural light in the bedrooms? It’s just the same old ideas regurgitated time and time again. At least the get in to the room isn’t too bad, off the truck and into a decent size lift. From the lift it’s then a straight run down a wide (or at least it would be if it were not filled with chairs) corridor to the room where in time honoured fashion there’s a small lip to stop flight cases dead in their tracks.

Checking into the hotel! I’m asked for a swipe of my credit card and I lie that I haven’t got one with me. They asked my colleague for a £200 cash deposit and there’s no way I’m handing that over (as I haven’t got £200) so I explain that I was told that everything was being paid for by the client (which I was) so I didn’t bring any money or cards with me. The lady checks me in but explains that the minibar will be disconnected so I won’t be able to have anything out of it…….Like I’m going to pay £3.90 for an can of coke you money grabbing bastards!!!!!!

They’ve got all of these screens outside the rooms and the client wants to put signage up on them but there hasn’t been very good communication between client and venue and they signage has arrived as a word document for one set of signs and a powerpoint for the others. Apparently neither is any good as it needs to be a jpeg with quite specific dimensions. So we (or I) get the job of converting them. Can you export from a word document to jpeg like you can from Powerpoint……of course not! So I have to screen grab the background to use in powerpoint and then cut and paste the words for all 23 slides. Then I have to export all of the slides as jpeg before resizing them, After they are ready I have to e-mail them to the venue because their PC’s won’t accept memory sticks or CDr’s!!

The other signage has arrived as a powerpoint which is a step in the right direction but as the powerpoint is landscape and the signage portrait it needs to be converted. It’s also not as easy as changing the orientation as the screens are not a standard size. So after working out the settings and altering the existing slides to fit it turns out that they need me to make some slides for the breakout. I cut and paste from a spreadsheet into the powerpoint but they want to add the names of the speakers which isn’t in the spreadsheet. Then they go off to dinner and I sit and wait for over an hour only to find when they return that the info I needed was on a powerpoint presentation on the pc next to me all the time but they forgot to tell me. Naturally that PC is being used for the rehearsals so I can’t get at it. I then find a conference brochure that has the info so I start to copy it onto the slides. I eventually get them finished about 11:30 and finally get to go off to my room for some sleep!


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