16th May


The sun is out, the sky is blue,
planes still fly over, every minute or two!

In case you hadn’t guessed I’m still at the airport hotel – A strange thing happened today when I used one of the toilets. I’d just come out of the cubicle when two men suddenly came in, one was carrying a clipboard. They went over to the cubicle I’d just come out of, opened the door, looked in and then walked out again – very strange!

Staying in a hotel like this makes me despair. All day there has been an image cropping up on the tv feed outside the room I’m in of a small baby obviously starving to death. I then start to look around me and see the waste of the worlds resources that just this one hotel contributes to. The windows are small and let in little light so you need the room lights on all the time. They don’t open so the air con is running 24/7. In the room I’m working in there’s tea, coffee and squash just sitting on the side – we didn’t ask for it but it was delivered anyway. Each room has a fridge full of fizzy drinks even though there’s a fridge in reception so that’s 9 fridges where one would do. The list goes on and that’s just what we see. How much food is thrown away each day? How much needless energy is used to clean and wash everything to within an inch of it’s life?


In each room there is a card that shows the hotel’s green credentials to the guest. It asks you to consider how many towels get washed in every hotel in the world. It asks you to reuse your towel and says if you hang it on the rail or the back of the door it won’t be replaced. So I hung mine on the door. However when I returned that evening a nice clean fresh towel was there waiting for me. I also noticed that the bar of soap that I had taken out of it’s cardboard box that morning and used for a shower had now been thrown away and replaced with another one in a cardboard box. What waste of stuff and with the additional issue of unnecessary packaging extrapolated across the year and number of rooms it gets out of control very quickly.


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