17th May

Had a panic today, looked for the tapes from last week’s “needed 4 arms” job and couldn’t find them any where. I knew I’d put them in my bag at the end of the day and taken them home and I was certain that I’d broughtthem in the following day but I couldn’t see them anywhere in the edit suite.

I looked in all the usual places and in a few unusual ones too. I was just starting to panic when I found them. I’d completely forgotten that I’d put them in a box when I left site!

On the Facebook group that I’m am member of relating to the music venue that’s currently being demolished one of the members posted about a group that he used to be in back in the late 70’s. I knew I’d seen them and was pretty sure i had some photographs of them taken at a free festival in Durham in 1979 or 1980. In the end it turned out they’d played both years and I had a picture from 1980 and a couple from 1979 so I scanned them in and posted them.

The 1979 one of the group was taken with my faithful Zenith E but the 1980 one was taken with a cheap point and shoot camera. I don’t know why I didn’t take my Zenith that year there could be several reasons. Looking back it seems such a shame that I took so few pictures but this was probably due to the cost of film and developing. Oh to have had the luxury of digital cameras back then I’d have clicked away to my hearts content!!


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