20th May


This is our doddery old cat who is almost 16 – Sarah has had her since she was about 18 months except for a two year period when she was catnapped by a neighbour but by a series of coincidences we managed to get her back again. She has spent most of the weekend running away from me everytime I go near her. The fact that I was instrumental in her rescue seems to pass her by and she has always been wary of me. Then she’ll come and plonk herself on top of me while I’m lying on the sofa and make her self comfy as if I’m her best mate in the whole wide world!

I got a bit pissed off today. I’ve been slowly releasing the videos from last year’s summer of love party and had just put the last one onto Dime when I got a message from the “singer” in the band it read…..

…please send us a copy. Usually if people film us, and then ‘release’ it, we would be contacted first…so would be good to see it ASAP…we might think it’s shite, in which case it’s best for it not to be generally available. Sure you understand.

Hmmm where do I start? Oh yes…..


There has been ample time between the first video being released, in fact from the end of their set for them to say “could you send us a copy before you release it” If she saw the announcement that the other recordings were coming out surely she must have thought to herself “wonder if they filmed us, maybe I should contact them and stipulate our terms…..” but no!

I’d like to be able to e-mail her back and say “the only thing that is shite about it is that godawful racket coming from the band”  but I won’t because no matter what I think of their “art” I won’t say anything that would upset their fragile ego’s – I’m not a critic. Shame she couldn’t afford me the same courtesy!


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