21st May

We quite often see these two old dears going for a ride on their bikes as we take Ben to school. They’ve got nice bikes, all the “go-faster” cycling gear and hi-vis jackets – everything you could possibly need EXCEPT HELMETS!

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or planned but Start the Week on Radio 4 was discussing how everything has a price and how that makes for an unequal society when someone can simply pay for something that others might struggle to get. they gave an example of the Shakespeare season in NY where the tickets are free but you have to queue to get them. However companies have sprung up who pay homeless people to stand in line to get the tickets for rich people who can’t spare the time. In some ways it’s good because it puts money into the hands of those who need it (the homeless) although I suspect that it would be a fraction of what the agency would be charging the end client. However on the other hand it means that not everyone has a fair chance of getting tickets to the event.

This was on the same day as the story broke about people selling the torches that they carried in the Olympic relay on  e-bay. On the face of it this seems really bad as they are making money out of what should have been an honour. Admittedly the story came to light because one woman sold hers to support the charity she was representing but I’m sure others will do it for personal gain. Either way there was an outcry. However what wasn’t so widely reported is that the people who are carrying the torch don’t automatically get given them the Olympic organisers sell them to the runners for £200. So in my mind that puts a whole different slant on the story!

My addiction to Radio 4 is getting worse! I was running late getting to work today and caught the beginning of Book of the Week. It was announced as being a book about hedges! Yes Hedges! The green things around fields and gardens, hedges! Oh my god I thought whatever made anyone think that would be a good topic for a book. Having said that by the time I got to work I was gutted to have to tear myself away from the radio having been dragged so far into the world of hedges!


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