22nd May

Maybe it’s the demolition of the Mecca in Sunderland but I’ve been having a 70’s Rock couple of days! Budgie, Black Sabbath, UFO, Uriah Heep, Ted Nugent, Crawler and Hawkwind!

Rock on!


And talking of retro look what I got today – picked it up from a Freecycler near Crystal Palace park. I used to have one years ago – I bought it when my first daughter was due with the idea of getting pictures to relatives 300 miles away asap in the days before digital cameras and the internet. In fact she was born at 4am and thanks to the Polaroid camera a picture of her was circulating my office by 7:30! Sadly even the Polaroid wasn’t fast enogh for my Nan who sadly passed away a few days later before the picture (or even the news) reached her.

I gave the camera to my youngest daughter a few years ago when she was talking about using it for an A level project but sadly it seemed like it was impossible to get the film. A while later I discovered the Impossible project who manufacture film for Polaroid cameras and regretted giving it away. So I was glad when I was offered this one, it’s basic but it’ll do to try out the film – I like the sound of the Black & White film with the black frame!



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