23rd May

Spent the day working in the Shadow of St. Paul’s, just off Ave maria Lane, next to Amen Corner! Actually that’s not true – I didn’t have to be on site till 2pm so I spent a pleasant morning sitting in the sunshine in the garden before heading off to catch a train to London. I was meant to be working late so the morning was to make up for it.

The venue in question was Stationer’s Hall which I mentioned in my blog for 1st May. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there and i was quite surprised to find that the Hall manager, a fellow refugee from Sunderland, was still there! I must have known him for best part of 25 years now and that’s unusual for any venue in London. (when I left he called me Bonny Lad – I think the only other person who ever called me that was my dad! A good old North Eastern expression!)

I was intrigued by one of the displays on the walls that listed the Honorary freeman and Liverymen of the Worshipful Company of Stationers. Among the Royalty (The last two Prince’s of Wales, HRH the Duchess of York) Prime Minister’s (Harold McMillan, Stanley Baldwin) and famous authors (JM Barrie, Rudyard Kipling) and other luminaries I spotted the name of Sir Stanley Unwin!


So after sitting around for 4 hours, well actually I was panicking because I didn’t have the right Mac to export the files after filming, I spend about 30 minutes filming 5 brief interviews. The first guy went on and on about the lights (to the point of being tedious) – you cant’t win turn up without lights and people say “Oh I was expecting lights”, turn up with them and they moan about how hot they are – must talk the company into buying some low heat ones!

So I then had to go and tell the client that I couldn’t give her the files the way she wanted them and in the end I needn’t have worried as she said she wasn’t in the office the next day and it would be fine for me to send the disc on to her – phew! (As a foot note I also needn’t have worried because it turned out I had asked for the correct Mac (i.e. one with Final Cut on it) but had been sent a standard Mac in error! So I was on my way home by 7pm – result!

There’s a Tardis in Higham, just as you pull out of the station heading towards London, in a garden on the right hand side. I’ve seen it a few times but today I was going to try and get a picture. Sadly the leaves have come on the trees since the last time I went past so it’s now obscured from view (or maybe a force field has been erected around it – who knows!)


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