24th May


Not saying I’m busy today but I’ve got 4 machines on the go at once. From Left to right: Mac Book Pro – producing a Keynote presentation for next week (rehearsal tomorrow!), Edit suite Quad Core Mac – processing the videos from last nights shoot, Laptop – e-mail and general admin, Powerbook G4 Mac – Digitising video.

Journey home tonight was a nightmare! Driving down the A20 passed one of those signs that give info – it was just saying how clear the M20 was. Turned onto M25 clear all the way down to the A2 junction, passing another sign which was telling people to plan ahead for the Olympics. Once on the sliproad it started to grind to a halt and it took about 4 changes of the traffic lights to get onto the roundabout. As I passed over the A2 I could see how much of a traffic jam there was heading coastbound. After crawling round the roundabout I decided that it would be better to head back round the M25 and go down the M20 instead.

As I was struggling round the roundabout there were lots of sirens and bluelights heading down from the crossing. I assumed they were going to be heading down the A2 to sort out whatever was causing the traffic jam. However as I sat at the lights waiting to go back onto the M25 a fire engine passed me and headed onto the M25. I started to panic that I was about to head into another traffic jam but thankfully it was clear all the way to the sliproad for the M20. I did notice though that in the time it had taken me to get round the roundabout the M25 had backed up all the way to where I’d joined in the first place.

I never did find out where the fire engine was going but there must have been something bad somewhere as there were Fire engines, Police cars and ambulances heading down the M25 and indeed coming up the M20 to get there. Luckily my change of direction meant I had a smooth journey home but the extra miles meant that I had to stop to put petrol in the car whereas I would have had enough if it wasn’t for the change of direction and would have made it to pay day tomorrow 😦

Talking of work there was this thing on the BBC website about working hours so I thought I’d put in the figures for where I work. The figures are provided by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and show average working hours in different countries round the world. So I put in my basic hours which are 9:30 to 5:30 less half an hour for lunch so that came out at 37.5 hours per week. Taking into account my 25 holidays plus 8 public holidays it came out that I work…


But of course that is my basic hours so it doesn’t take into account the unpaid overtime I do 12, 14 or 16 hour days for example. So as I’m already over the national average and starting to push the hours worked by developing nations I’m sure that once the overtime is taken into account I’d be up there with Chile of South Korea!!


Think I might have to move to Holland!!!!


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