26th May


Sitting in the garden this morning and this strange insect landed on the table and stared at me!

Went to fill the car with petrol, go to the cashpoint, and get my haircut. Arrived at Tesco to find the petrol station packed. I’m guessing that the 5p voucher was attracting everyone and the fact no one was using pay at pump was slowing everything down. The design of the petrol station doesn’t help. I gave up and went to the cashpoint. By the time I left the queue had got even worse – you’d have thought they were giving it away!


So I went to get my haircut and thankfully there wasn’t too much of queue. I was a bit worried when the usual lady wasn’t there and there was a new lady I’d not seen before. I was even more worried when the owner picked the new lady up on the fact she hadn’t finished the guy in front of me’s hair off properly but in the end it turned out ok. I popped into B&Q where it turned out they were having a 2 for 1 plant sale so I spent a whole £1.48 on a Jalapeño plant and hence got a pepper plant free!  (I also managed to find a care tag for the other chilli plant I’d bought a few weeks ago!) I just had time to go home and re-pot them into the two big pots I’d cleared out that morning before I had to go and pick up Sarah from her tutorial!

In the afternoon we went to Sarah’s mum’s house picking up her nan on the way. It was her Nan’s 92nd birthday so we took her cards and presents. It was lovely to see Ben playing cards with his Great Nan having had to give up on the idea of teaching her how to do picto-chat on his and his mum’s DS! Sarah and I had to attack her mum’s garden as it had become very overgrown. I had to clear if off with the strimmer before mowing the grass twice! At least now you can see the path and overall (apart from the hedges needing cutting) it ended up looking quite nice!


Lissi had made her Great Nan some cakes so we stuck a candle in one and sang Happy Birthday to her!



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