30th May


Lissi’s 16th Birthday today so there was lots of silliness! Becky made her some fruit friends (idea from her favourite TV show Miranda!). Which she put out on the table along with some llama badges I had made. I’ve mentioned her obsession with llamas before when we went on holiday and took her to see a llama farm. The badges had slogans like “Don’t be a-llama-ed, I’m 16 today” and “Have a Llamatastic birthday”


A few months back she had gone round and stuck pictures of funny animals inside all the cupboard doors in the kitchen and on the walls of the loo and utility room. So we made lots of little speech bubbles to stick on them. We also added our own silly llama picture on the kitchen door.


Once she had opened all of the things we had left out for her we sent her off to school. her exam wasn’t till the afternoon but she was going to go and get breakfast at McDonalds and then go into school to show off! She left wearing all 4 llama badges plus another 16th birthday badge. We all waited as she opened the front door and waited for the inevitable squeal when she saw this attached to the inside of the outer door!



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