3rd June


So it was the day of the 16th Birthday BBQ and as is typical of a British Summer it was raining. I guess the weather wasn’t helped by the fact it was also the day of the Queen’s River Pageant (yawn!) which was bound to bring the rain clouds out. So Nil Desperandum we pressed on with the arrangements. I was dispatched to B&Q to buy a gazebo which when I got it fitted almost exactly over the decking area which, we hoped, would give the garden table a chance to dry out. We also managed to borrow another one which again, miraculously, fitted over the garden area almost exactly – things were looking up.

So I started to set up all the equipment I’d borrowed from work. I wired a set of speakers into the amp in the shed to provide music in the garden. I then pinned a bed sheet to the shed to make a screen for the projector and put out the LED lights that would uplight the walls. Naturally I had to test the system so a quick blast of the Sex Pistols God Save the Queen seemed appropriate! Sarah then suggested that a clip from Priscilla might also fit in with the Queen theme! Hell I even put bunting out (against my better judgement!) and soon we were ready for the first guests to arrive!

I filled up the barbeque with charcoal and had just got the matches when…………………


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