8th June

It’s a good job I didn’t need petrol this week as my wallet had been in the cupboard I’d put it in for safety on Sunday!

On the way to drop the students off this morning I was amused to hear an interview with Neil Young on BBC Radio 4’s today progam. He was being interviewed about his new album Americana which is a collection of American folk songs given the Shakey treatment alongside old cohorts Crazy Horse (who he hasn’t worked with for 9 years).

I had a listen to the album and on first listen it does seem to be rather good. The stand out track for me was High Flyin’ Bird which sounds wonderful but honourable mentions should also go to Gallow Pole (which Led Zeppelin covered in the past) and Woody Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land. The latter track does raise the question of what counts as a folk song – after all it was written within living memory – but the boundary is really stretched on the last track when he cover the British National Anthem God Save the Queen. I’ve no idea why he considers this to be an American folk song and his explanation of the fact he used to sing it every day in school when growing up in Canada didn’t throw any light on the situation!

At the end of the interview the presenter announced that a longer version of the interview could be heard that night on Front Row “straight after the Archers”. When I passed this information on verbatim to one of my internet groups the comment came back that maybe he should have covered the Archers theme tune instead of God Save the Queen – Americana 2 anyone?


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