9th June


The wet and windy weather obviously hasn’t effected the grape vines as the first grapes are starting to appear on one of the vines. We could do with some sunshine to ripen the strawberries though!

And there are no letters in the mailbox, 
And there are no grapes upon the vine, 
And there are no chocolates in the boxes anymore, 
And there are no diamonds in the mine. 

Now here’s a weird thing! You know that six degrees of separation thing where you’re supposed to be able to connect anyone to anyone in only six steps? Well since facebook has been doing that (friends with) thing when someone who is not a friend comments on one of your friends status’s I’ve found some strange relationships. For example a few weeks ago I discovered that an old university friend who lives in Cardiff and a former fellow (gay) member of the Morris Dancing team I was in who lives in Rainham in Kent share a mutual friend in Bromley.  Then yesterday I discovered that another former member of the Morris team (this one is bisexual) who now lives in London shares a mutual friend with a friend of a man who I met when we both used the same blogging site about 7 years ago who lives in Sheffield! It’s a small and increasingly odd world don’t you think!


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