10th June


Not a bad day overall today! I finally plucked up enough courage to check my bank balance and found that there was more money in there than I thought! I went through all the transactions and everything that should have come out had – result! Then I took the gazebo back to B&Q and they refunded the money back into my account – another result! So I celebrated by filling the car with petrol and treating myself to a bottle of my very expensive medicated shampoo – I know how to live I really do!

The only downside was a visit to Tesco – we had planned to go to Aldi but we needed stuff we couldn’t get in there so we had to bite the bullet! Our Tesco was expanded a few years ago and since then the shopping experience has been awful. The aisles are narrower and they fill them with merchandise which means you can’t stop and look at things without blocking the aisle or it creates blind corners that morons with trolleys come steaming round not caring who’s in their way! There was one fat woman who was propping herself up on her trolley while slowly pushing it up the centre of the aisles and loads of kids who were obviously running off their cabin fever caused by the bad weather during half term! Sometimes I wonder why there has never been an American style massacre in Tesco’s!

So for the last two nights as Sarah has gone in to check on bed just before bedtime she has said as she closed his bedroom door “we must put some WD40 on that hinge” – so yesterday “we” did. So last night she sent into check and when she came out did she notice? No of course she didn’t!!!


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