11th June

What a start to the week! For some reason (probably pre-birthday excitement) Ben woke up at 5am this morning. Then it was still pissing down with rain! Two of the cats had left piles of poo for me to clear up (or one of them had left two piles – didn’t enquire too closely!). And then there’s the football!

England’s first match in Euro 2012 tonight. I’m not a big football fan but I like to watch the England matches (so i can moan about them probably!) I thought it kicked off at 4pm and I had planned to do what I did last time and set up the TV in my office to watch it. However something has happened since the world cup THEY TURNED OFF THE ANALOGUE SIGNAL!!!!!! So I’m hoping that out IT Nazi hasn’t blocked the feed to itv.com! However I now find out the game is at 5pm so I will only catch a bit of the first half before leaving for home – never forget the time I had to listen to the (well it must have been the quarter-finals cos we got knocked out on a) penalty shoot out on the radio while driving back from up north. The commentary got lost in the crowd noise after the last penalty and it was a good few minutes before I found out if we’d won or lost!!

So I was just about to leave work when England got a free kick – I decided to stay till it was taken and lo and behold the ball went into the back of the net 1-0 who’d have thought it? So I went to the loo and walked round the corner to my car and by the time I had got there the bloody French had equalised. I won’t bore you with my tales of anguish whilst listening to the second half on the radio but at least England clung on for a point.


Sarah has finished her first OU module – hurrah! It wasn’t quite as down to the wire as some of her other assignments as she got this one submitted with at least an hour and a half to spare! So she now should have 60 points – so just another 300 to go!

I don’t know between the England footy team and the OU I would go grey if I wasn’t already!!


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