12th June


So it’s Ben’s 7th birthday today we had decorated the house in a similar manner to the way we did for Lissi’s two weeks ago – except this time there were less Llama’s!!


Cookie the new kitten arrived today, she’s tiny and I’m so worried I’ll end up standing on her as she will insist on getting under my feet! She seems to have settled in quite quickly and was seen arching her back and hissing at Tag, mind you I feel like doing that sometimes! It was interesting to watch the reactions of the other cats, Tag wanted to mother he, Diesel just looked at this little bundle of energy from his lofty position on the computer chair and then pretended to ignore it. Pasta made he herself comfy on my tummy as I lay on the sofa and didn’t seem to object to Cookie settling in next to me. Louie hasn’t seen her yet!


Now here’s a strange thing……


One of the first things you see when you come to our house is a plaque next to the door bearing the name Wilfred. It has sadly lost some of the letters so that only the Wilf bit is still visible. It’s intrigued me since we moved in and people often ask us why it’s there and we have to admit we have no idea!

Then today a lady knocked on our door and handed us a file full of documents. Apparently her mother-in-law used to own the house and she had come across the file when she was sorting out her belongings after she passed away. The file contained documents covering all of the sales of the property since the whole estate was sold in 1890 before any houses were even built.


There are some very old documents, some of which look like originals. One even has the original wax seals attached.

Sadly at first glance there doesn’t seem to be any answer to the question “who is Wilfred” but I did find something close!


I shall look forward to having a good look through the documents at some point soon.


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