14th June

Listened to In our time on Radio 4 this morning which was about James Joyce’s Ulysses, which I’ve never read.  I was intrigued by the discussion and when I discovered I could download it as a Kindle book for nothing I thought I’d give it a go.

Much was made about the fact that although the action takes place on a single day the book contains around a quarter of a million words. It’s hardly surprising as it describes life in minute details and includes the thoughts of the characters as well. I was thinking about this as I walked back round to where my car was parked. So much can happen in such a short space of tiime. A crow flew out of a tree and over my he’D. I found myself following the yellow lines. There’s the gravel on the corner with the overpowering smell or the woman from the Vauxhall garage who I regularly pass but never say hello to! To accurately describe the short journey round the corner could take 3 days.


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