15th June

I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish for a few days now but when I woke up this morning I decided I couldn’t put off going to the doctors any longer. As I suspected it would seem to be the tablets I was given about 6 weeks ago which have made me worse instead of better. These tablets were given to me to replace the first lot which I also didn’t get on with. The doctor suggested that maybe the whole class of drugs wasn’t for me so has prescribed something else – hopefully I’ll be feeling better soon.

While I was there I also asked for a new prescription of antihistamines and my nose spray. this meant that the 3 lots of drugs were going to cost me £22.95 in prescription charges (you know those things we wouldn’t have to pay if we lived in Wales or Scotland!). So I decided to look at the cost of a Pre-paid certificate. It turned out to be £29.10 for 3 months. Given that I’d only been given two months worth of antihistamines then I would have at least one more prescription to go then it seemed to make sense. Then I thought that a yearly one at £104 would be even better. After all I will still need the antihistamines and nose spray as the summer goes on and it my cluster headaches come back then it could get quite expensive. It seemed to make even more sense when I discovered that I could pay for it in monthly instalments of £10.40. So that’s me covered till next June!!

So another England game and a few more hours knocked off my life. It would just be nice for them to get to the last half hour of the game and be more than one goal up! A comfortable cruise to the final whistle every now again would hurt now would it. Having said that they did come back from being 2-1 down to win 3-2 and to be honest I can’t remember the last time an England team came back from behind and won so maybe that’s progress. Of course as they were 1-0 in the lead at one point it would have been nice not to have gone behind at all!!!

I wasn’t meant to see the second half again as I was meant to be taking arah to Asda but she got distracted trying to buy tickets for a gig! If you plotted Sarah and my music tastes as a venn diagram you would on first inspection think you were looking at two individual circles that were just touching! However if you zoomed in on the place where the circles met you’d see that they were indeed overlapping ever so slightly. Then if you zoomed in as far as you could go and took out your magnifying glass you’d just about be able to make out the words “Bob Marley” and “Madness”!!

So as one of those is no longer with us you’ve probably guessed that it was Madness that she was booking tickets for. The reason I got to see the footy was that she couldn’t find her credit card! the one in her purse had expired and the new one was allegedly in her drawer upstairs. I went to look but couldn’t find it so while she was looking we kept having to refresh the page to hold the tickets every 4 minutes! Eventually after trashing half the bedroom she managed to find it. She went to check out only to find that she hadn’t registered the card. While she was doing that the time ran out and she had to start again. Luckily the tickets she wanted were still there and we eventually got them booked! So as a sort of early birthday/anniversary celebration we’re going to see Madness in Brighton at the matinee performance on 1st December!

I’ve been to the Brighton Centre before – I’ve seen Bob Dylan, Muse, Madness and Little Britain there. We could have gone to see them in London  but to be honest even taking into account the drive it’s better to go to Brighton. The venue is smaller, it’s easier to get to and easier to park. And in any case we may even book ourselves into a hotel and make a night of it – sounds good to me!


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