16th June


We booked Lissi onto a sugar modelling course at a local cake making shop as a birthday present. She had her first lesson on Wednesday and she made a little baby out of the sugar icing. After that one lesson she has managed to do the above cake for Ben’s birthday – cool isn’t it? (Ice Age, Cool, get it? oh please yourself!)

I was reminded today that Jefferson Starship are touring the UK in October and that one of the shows is at the Central Theatre in Chatham. I’ve never been abig fan but as it’s so close it would seem rude not to go really! After I’d been reminded I looked on the Council’s booking website and although not many tickets have been sold I did spot that there was one seat remaining just off centre in the front row! So I booked it – £15 plus 75p postage to send the ticket out to me. I was struck by how cheap it was compared with the shows at the Borderline in London where my friend had just paid over £32 for a ticket. There the ticket was £27.50 with a £3.75 booking fee and a £1.95 charge for sending out the ticket which, oddly, is the same if you collect it from the Box Office! At Chatham there is no booking fee and if you did collect it from the theatre then they waive the 75p charge as well.

After the football last night we did go to Asda and despite getting there at about 10:45 the Pharmacy was still open so I picked up my drugs! I took one of the replacement drugs last night and this morning woke up without the crushing feeling in my chest for the first time in a week. AS the day had gone on I’ve been much better and not short of breath at all. Looks like for the second time this year one of us has been given drugs that has made them worse instead of better!


Our first ripe strawberry – not bad considering that the plants spent most of the winter underwater and since then have been under constant attack from the hairy hungry caterpillars! When I showed Ben the picture he instantly ran outside to inspect them before asking me if it was ok for him to water them! I think he should have the first strawberry!


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