22nd June

Midway through a Friday afternoon and while the Director whose idea it was was conveniently out of the building our internet suddenly got restricted! I think I mentioned that the block screen appeared a few months back but quickly disappeared again but this time, we were told, they were here to stay! The excuse being given was that our use of sites like Facebook was seriously limiting the companies bandwidth and hampering the day to day business activity – yeah right wonder what the excuse will be when the network speed doesn’t pick up!

Only problem was………the arbitrary block that the software imposed limited  access to a number of sites that we do actually use for business. Youtube and vimeo for example and even more stupidly dropbox (see above). This was felt acutely  in the graphic department where we all fired off e-mails to our IT bod and copied them to the directors. Luckily sense prevailed and the internet access for the graphics department was restored with a warning that we will be monitored and any inappropriate use will be frowned upon!!



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