24th June

Sarah has just been up to inspect her eldest daughter’s bedroom. You can just about see the floor for dirty clothes – expect fireworks later!

Apparently it would appear that the French students find the fact that we call flip-flops flip-flops almost was funny as we find the fact that the Australians call them thongs!!

Un-funny idea of the week – The Guardian e-mailed people to say they were streaming all of Glastonbury 2012 live and then put up this picture….

Oh boys, you’re too funny!!

So the football……if I’d made a prediction before the start of the tournament it would be that we would out go on penalties in the quarter finals and tonight my prediction would have come true. In a game that neither team looked like winning England were outplayed by an Italian team who seem to have worse problems than England when it comes to putting the ball in the back of the net. They made and squandered so many chances but they had the better game. At the end of the day had England won either during normal play or on penalties I’d have been have been happy – no matter how badly they’d played. To be honest though I couldn’t see either side troubling the Germans on Thursday!!


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