30th June


We went to Ben’s schools Summer Fayre today and they had a throw wet sponges at the Headteacher thing going on – although I did feel sorry for the guy when one of the kids emptied the bucket over his head!! Among all of the usual charity stalls like the Roundtable, Samaritans etc I spotted one for the Medway food bank. I was talking to the guy who was on the stall and he told me theirs is one of FOUR foodbanks in the towns. I can’t help but feel very sad for this country when I hear things like that. I can almost hear some rich banker sitting in his multi- million pound mansion saying “well if they haven’t got any bread, Let them eat cake?”


We took Ben to McDonalds and as we parked the car and walked to the restaurant we saw this car revesring round into the car park but he ended up on the pavement. Then instead of stopping he reversed into a silver car parked just inside the carpark. Even though he had hit the car he still continued to reverse scraping along the back of the silver car and eventually ripping his wing mirror off before ending up back on the road.

The driver of the silver car got out to remonstrate with the guy who’d hit him and to me it looked as if the response was “so what” . Then he put his car into reverse and rammed the red Merc that had come up behind him. He then got out of the car and everyone who commented said he looked really vacant and away with the fairies! It turned out that he worked in McDonalds and a lot of his colleagues then came out to comfort him!

The Police turned up about 10 minutes alter and were still there when we left. I’m sure they breathalysed him but maybe they should have checked him for drugs too. I gave my name to one of the people who’s car was hit and said I’d be happy to be a witness if they needed one. When we left he was still in the Police car but I don’t know what was happening. Even if he wasn’t under the influence it wasn’t any way to be driving in the carpark of a family restaurant where it was likely that there would be children, especially if you worked there! It also says a lot about the “so what” attitude of people regarding other people’s property which prevails around here.

Sarah and I went out for a meal in the evening and she had said she wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before. As she wasn’t very specific we headed out into the countryside to find a pub. The first one we found looked really nice but as we pulled into the carpark we noticed a lorry off loading equipment into a side door. We went to the restaurant but when we saw the fact that we would be eating our meal staring at the drummer arse we decided to go somewhere else.

We drove on and the next place we found was too expensive. The place just up the road was in the middle of a bingo game when we walked in and the landlady informed us that they would normally do food but she’d just returned off holiday and they weren’t that night. We headed back the way we came and the next pub we found had stopped serving food. Next door to it was a fish & chip restaurant but it seemed to be full of old dears! So we ended up driving back almost to home to a place we’ve been before and eating there – having said that though the place was virtually empty by the time we got there so it was quite quiet for once.


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