3rd July

Songs to ageing children come,
Ageing children, I am one

Been an up and down sort of day today – getting stressed out by the thought of getting everything ready for the Summer of Love party at the weekend. I was also getting stressed about whether or not to hire a van instead of using my car. The state of the world was also getting to me – the rich crooked bankers stealing money and cheating while people like us struggle on, and what about those who are worse off, those who use the food banks I blogged about the other day.

Then just to add to all the crisis we dropped youngest daughter and her friends at their prom and on the way back my exhaust dropped off. It’s been sounding dodgy for a while but tonight it snapped and I had nothing to tie it up with. I ended up driving slowly back to the house with it trailing on the ground behind me. Then I managed to tie it up with some string to hold it enough to get me to STS in the morning.

In the evening I watched a program on TV called the Family which is one of those reconstruction history shows. It was about the boom of the 20’s and the great depression of the 30’s. It’s sad to see that no lessons were learnt and it echos the current times so much. The only difference is now they don’t force you to sell everything before they give you any money!! Well not yet anyway!!!!

I also watched a program called Rude Britannia which charted the history of bawdy humour from the music halls through Oz, the Young Ones, Spitting Image, Viz, Little Britain etc. Then after that there was a program about the 25th anniversary of Paul Simon’s seminal album Graceland. It was interesting to note the controversy that the album attracted from anti-apartheid campaigners. it was also sad to note the deterioration of Paul Simon’s voice in the intervening years.


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