4th July

So I took the car into the garage this morning to have the exhaust fixed. The string held out till I got there but if did sound very ropey. The exhaust actually cost less than I thought as I was expecting around £250 but it came out at about £150. Then they guy pointed out that one of my tyres needed replacing which I knew as I’d spotted that last night so had allowed for that in the money I had with me. Then he pointed out that the other front tyre was almost at the point of needing to be replaced too! So they told me how much two new tyres would be and I decided to go with it even though it came out to more than I had with me. I figured that I’d pay the rest by card.

Then having resigned myself to a figure, and this is why I hate coming to these places, he then asked “Do you want the wheels aligning?” and then added “that’s another £31”. Now I know the answer should be yes but oh Lord that really pushes it doesn’t it! In the end I did get it done, I’d only have kicked myself if in a few months time I’d discovered that the tyres had worn down on one side. So hopefully that’ll be it for a while!

Strobe lights beam create dreams
walls move minds do too



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