8th July

SoL- After the deluge!

I woke up at about 7:30 and the first thing that crossed my mind was where were the car keys. I’d taken off my jacket and hoody and hung them in the car before locking it and making a dash to my tent in the pouring rain. I checked in my shorts but they weren’t there so I was panicking about what I’d done with them. I opened the inner tent and found them laying on the groundsheet. As I was awake I thought I’d better go and see what state the cables were in. I made a cuppa first and wandered up to the bar with it. Apart from one area where people had trampled over them on the way to the bar. Luckily the cloth I’d been given to mop the stage last night doubled as a handy cable cleaning cloth!! And it was still wet!!!!

The German van was dragged out of the quagmire by the tractor and I was pleased to find that the weather had improved and the ground had started to dry up. I slowly got everything packed away into the car which I’d moved slightly up the hill from where it was parked just in case. The site slowly cleared with people stopping and thanking me as they went past. The guys came to collect the stage which was good as I hadn’t met them up till that point. At about 1 pm I was fully packed and I drove away from the site – already looking forward to SoL 7 next year.

Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hands


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