12th July


It’s amazing how much better things are when the sunshines!! Especially when you’re working outdoors. It was the first day of the Darley stallion parade today. Basically we film the horses as they’re led around a ring and show videos on a big screen. The idea is that the audience inspect the horses and decide which ones they’d like to have impregnate their mares.

We had a lovely description of the process from our client while we were eating breakfast in the sunshine. Apparently stud fees can be anything up to £200,000 a pop (sorry not a very good expression there!)


Last year they had one of the horses from Warhorse there and this year they had these rather beautiful statues of horses made from pieces of old tree.


Last year my friend asked me if I would be interested in his late father’s Super 8 camera. I, of course, said yes please and we finally managed to meet up at SoL last weekend. I only really had a chance to look at it properly tonight and it is in immaculate condition for it’s age. It’s in a box with all the accessories and there’s even a chart that his father must have made by covering it with tape to keep it clean.

I did make an interesting discovery in that there’s was actually a film in the camera! I’m not sure how much had been used but I also found the processing envelope in the case too. Sadly it’s a kodachrome film and the last processing plant closed last year so even if he’d wanted to he couldn’t get it developed.

I’m very much looking forward to running a film through it!


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