13th July


Back to Newmarket today but it must have rained really heavily overnight as the field they were parking cars in had become very muddy. It was so bad that they were even offering to ferry the punters from their cars to the gateway in golf buggies even though at times that distance was only 20 feet. I walked around the paddock and found the mud quite bad so I headed over to the carpet that they always lay over the grass but that was just sodden underfoot too. Luckily the rain held off during the actual event and despite the weather we even managed to sit on one of the outside tables at lunchtime.

Now this doesn’t happen very often but today went like this

10:15 arrive on site plug in computer

10:25 Full English breakfast followed by a latte made by a proper barista.

11:30 Show

12:30 Lunch – Roast Beef and yorkshires followed by dessert and coffee.

1:30 Leave site to go home!!!


I met a headteacher that I worked with as a Governor when my kids were in infant school. She came to the leaving party of the current headteacher where I’m chair of Governors. I musn’t have seen her for about 15 years. She asked about the girls and was quite shocked to find Beth had finished University (she said it made her feel old!!)

Also had conversations with two random strangers – most unlike me!

I grant you it may be Friday night
But did you know this day also numbers thirteen


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