18th July

Much has been made of the power being cut at the Bruce Springsteen gig in Hyde Park at the weekend – in case you’ve not heard his show overran and the power was cut during a duet with Paul McCartney. In fact Mr Springsteen himself has apparently being making fun of the incident in Dublin where he brought a huge switch onto the stage and after pulling the lever finished the last verse of the song from London.

A few years ago I would have been on his side but after going to see Madonna at Wembley a few years ago I can now see the point of curfews on big shows. After the Madonna gig we were walking down Wembley way towards the Tube station and just as we got to the entrance there was an announcement to say that the last train had gone and we should therefore make alternative travel arrangements. The only problem is that there weren’t any alternative forms of transport and there were still around 7,000 people there. Eventually we managed to get a taxi to take us to central London at a cost of £40 so we could pick up the car and go home – we eventually got home at 6am and Sarah ended up having to take the following day off work. This was not the first time this had happened – I got stuck at Wembley after the Who in 1979 too – foolishly I thought things might have changed in the intervening years but apparently not.

The reason we got stuck there was that Madge was late coming on stage and the gig overran. Contrary to popular belief the timings are based on the need to get a huge crowd away from the gig via public transport and not because of any killjoy nature on behalf of the promoter or local authority. In fact the boss should be well aware of the problem of overrunning as he was fined £40K the last time he played in Dublin because the two shows overran! Curiously this time round his Dublin show finished before the curfew. Maybe he took heed of the song he opened with in Dublin which went….

I fought the law and the law won!

When you get an unexpected letter from the Inland revenue – is it ever anything good? Apparently I owe them £280 in unpaid tax – oh do I? I can see from their calculations that they’ve added a benefit in kind of £937 to my income – will have to phone them tomorrow and sort it out.


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