19th July

Phoned the Inland revenue about the tax under payment and after having negotiated the automated switchboard finally found the option for tax underpayment. Before i was put through to a human I was informed of the following:

If your statement shows a tax underpayment this is because you haven’t paid enough tax.

Anyway it turns out that the reason that I have been sent the statement is that I have been taxed on my business expenses because they haven’t received my Section 336 declaration which tells them that the expenses are legitimate business expenses incurred in the performance of my duties. It would seem that the form is sent to Cardiff whereas the tax is worked out in Newcastle (Our tax office, as we’re based in London, is of course in Glasgow!). It would seem that the calculation was done as soon as the P11D was received without waiting for the declarations. So now they will all have to be redone! Hey Mr Osbourne – I think I might have found those efficiency savings you’ve been looking for!

Random meetings at work always worry me but the one scheduled for 11am this morning turned out to be ok after all. The boss wants to know if we’d liked to be managed – probably not as we’re pretty unmanageable anyway! He suggests we talk to each other more often – lol! Anyway i put in a claim for a new ‘puter or at least one that’s not driven by steam once I realised we weren’t going to get sacked/made redundant!!! Happy Days.

Day off tomorrow because of the Olympic torch procession which passes close to our house in the morning closing all the major routes between 7am and 9:30am – this left me 3 choices

1. leave for work at 6:30

2. leave at normal time and risk not getting here till lunchtime (remember the chaos caused by the fire a few weeks ago)

3. take the day off and go and watch the thing.

NOW I discover that I may well run into it again on my way to work on Monday morning – be glad when it’s next Friday and I’m off on an Olympic avoidance holiday!!

And talking about the Olympics…..I thought the spurious sponsorship advertising was bad but then I saw the Tampax advert. No Tampax, no glory! Please! They didn’t say what they were official suppliers of though!


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