21st July

Sad news this morning – I got a text from my brother to say that his wife’s mother passed away during the night. As usual he was away on holiday when it happened! I phoned my step mum because I knew she’d be upset (and she was) as it would have brought back memories of my Dad’s death.

Today it was the turn of Southern Water to send me a letter that pissed me off. Last July they came to fit a water meter and when they discovered the type they had wouldn’t fit they filled the hole outside the door back in again covering the stopcock. We phoned at the time and they said it was a temporary measure. Anyway a few weeks back when they told us our property was unmeterable we asked them to come and sort out the stopcock. We’d seen their vehicles in the street a few times during the week so we assumed they would be doing it soon.


The letter this morning said they’d been to the property and couldn’t find a problem. So I went out and it was the same as it had been for a year. I prodded around in the hole but still couldn’t see the water meter. What made things worse was the letter went on to say that we would soon be getting a water meter fitted which made them look like complete plonkers as they’d already tried, failed, gone away to think about it and given up!

So I phoned them and they’re going to send someone round during the week – hopefully Sarah will be in when they come. Sarah did say she saw them over the road so given the sort of people they seem to employ they’d probably either gone to the wrong house or just sat with their feet up in the van all day to avoid doing any work.


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