23rd July

Last week at work before my holidays!!

I set off to work this morning in beautiful sunshine and hadn’t gone far before I discovered that I didn’t have my sunglasses. I remembered them being on the dining room table yesterday so assumed they’d been moved and were still somewhere in the house. So I had to make do with the broken pair in the car which I balanced on the end of my nose and hoped for the best. The lens fell out a couple of times but they did the job till I got to work, where upon opening my bag I discovered the sunglasses I thought I’d forgotten!

The M25 ground to a halt just short of junction 4 and police cars, fire engines and ambulances were shooting down the hard shoulder. Thankfully it wasn’t long before we were moving again and we edged past a 5 car shunt that had been moved onto the side of the road. It strikes me that when the weather is sunny on a Sunday there seems to be a higher chance of being delayed on a Monday morning than when it has been raining. The same also applies when a large sporting event or something of that ilk has taken place. Odd that don’t you think?

Went to Tesco in the evening to return a clothes airer we bought on Saturday as it was broken. When we got there the customer services desk was closed. A pink sign behind the counter informed us that it shut at 10pm. However another sign said that the Tesco Team opening hours had been extended during the summer. I’m convinced that this referred to the store opening hours rather then the customer service desk opening hours but I was able to convince the staff that it did. So we got the airer changed even without having to show the receipt!


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