24th July

The French students went home this morning at the unsavoury time of 6am. As I was loading their suitcases into the car I spotted one of them come out of the house and put a bag into a wheely bin a few doors up. I ignored it but after I dropped them off I went and retrieved it, partly out of curiosity but also because the bin he’d put it into was actually a garden waste recycling bin (and it wasn’t ours of course!)

Inside the bag was a couple of unopened cans of Dr Pepper and the remnants of quite a few of the packed lunches we gave them, there were uneaten sandwiches, sausgae rolls, cakes and apples as well as a packet of crisps. Apart from the obvious waste of food it annoyed me that given the fact that they had spent two weeks at our house under the guise of learning the language they had not been able to either communicate the fact they didn’t like something or to simply return the items and say I didn’t want this.

Their parents have spent in the region of £1300 for the two weeks stay of which apart from a lesson each day the two students have spent most of it in their room. The idea of staying with an English family is that they are meant to mix in with us and speak to us to improve their skills but most nights instead of joining in they have simply gone to their room and only come out for dinner. that was their parents money well spent then. Although I suspect that they were probably shipped off by parents who have too much money and too little time and this is a convenient way of getting rid of their offspring for a couple of weeks (while justifying it as being an educational trip). Along with huge amounts of spending money of course. In the end it would have been better if the kids had simply been put up in a hotel where people are paid to run around after them!

I can see you, your brown skin shining in the sun
You got your hair slicked back and those Wayfarers on

There was a stabbing on a train at Gillingham Station tonight. The first we knew any thing was going on was when the Police helicopter was hovering over head at around 7pm. We also noticed that there were quite a few Police cars going up and down the street. We found out what was going on from Facebook as apparently there was a lot of activity about it on Twitter and some one responded to a comment made by Lissi about the helicopter.

We went out at about 9:30 and  at that point the road had been re-opened but the station was still closed and an area opposite the station was taped off. On our return we saw Police searching front gardens at the end of the street with torches and indeed later when I was in the garden getting the washing in there were two Policemen in the alleyway along side our house with torches.

We also spotted (by the mess they had left behind) that Southern Water had been. So we opened the stop cock hatch and instead of the debris that had been there before there was a deep empty hole………but still no sign of a stop cock!!!!! This is starting to get very annoying now!


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