26th July

Inspiration, move me brightly
Light the song with sense of colour
Hold away despair

Oh God I’m Sooooooo bored!! I’ll be glad when tomorrow comes as it’s my last day at work before my holidays.

I did try and start writing some stuff for a new blog I set up a while ago which is (hopefully) going to be about the concerts I’ve been to over the years. However I didn’t get very far. then I started to read a life story that my Dad had been writing at the time of his death – I wish he’d been able to finish it as it ended in 1973 just after we moved house and I started at secondary school. After that I read some of the old entries on this blog (God I must be bored)!

I have tried to listen to some music but don’t seem to be in the mood.

Sarah phoned me to say that Becky’s Engineering diploma results had arrived – it would appear that she got Distinctions right across the board – so it look like she’ll be off to the University of Sussex in September then! Well done her.

One of my colleagues asked me an impossible question today – to recommend 2 Grateful Dead albums for him to buy! Oh Blimey which do I go for? The main problem is that the band were best known for their live work rather than studio albums. So maybe I start there with their seminal work Live/Dead – a double LP recorded live in 1969. There’s a wonderful version of Dark Star that filled a whole side of the original vinyl album – but this album is very improvisational so if you’re not into that then would you struggle? The other albums that sprung to mind were American Beauty and Workingman’s Dead – these were the albums that marked a change in style to a very country oriented acoustic sound with vocal harmonies – I guess if he likes Americana then he’d get on well with these. Out of preference I would suggest American Beauty. So that’s it then Live/Dead and American Beauty………………but wait! What about Europe ’72!!!! Oh Bugger!


Blue skies with moon


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