30th July

Went for a swim in the sea. The kids went to the pool. The advantage of the sea, once I’d got past the heart stopping cold, was that I had it all to myself! I mostly kept to the bits where I could still touch the bottom as I was there by myself. On a couple of occasions I did suddenly find myself out of my depth.


New people in the next tent – two women, 4 kids 2 cars, no husbands! I’m guessing that the little women have been packed off for 5 days slumming it in a tent as the men are too indispensable to take time off work or maybe there’s an important golf week to attend! I’m not sure which ones annoy me the most, the well to do ones or the beer in one hand, fag in the other, screaming at poor little Bayleigh all day long type!


Had a run down to Ryde in the afternoon to pick up bus timetables for our 2 day bus excursion later in the week. Looked in tacky souvenir shops and bought Sarah’s nan a postcard – suddenly struck by the fact I’ve got no one left to send one to!


Sarah and I went for an evening stroll along the seafront.



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