2nd August

At about 11:30 last night the posh ones in the next tent phoned security to complain about the noise the chavvy ones in the tent opposite were making. However they seem to have no qualms about letting their precious little angels wake everyone up this morning.

Bus trip round Isle of Wight day 1


We caught the number 8 from outside the site into Shanklin where we caught a number 2 to Godshill which conveniently stopped outside the cream tea place.


We also popped into the cider barn but decided that we’d come back later to make purchases otherwise we’d have to carry it round with us. We then caught a number 3 to Newport.


From Newport we caught a number 7 to Yarmouth where we transferred into an open top bus. I finally got to see the site of the 1970 festival on route to Alum bay.


Alum bay is so tacky but I enjoyed the trip up to the old battery with fantastic views. We had an ice cream and then caught the open top bus for the rest of the journey.




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