3rd August

The problem with being so close to so many people is that you realize how awful most of them are!

Example one: The posh ones in the tent next to us left this morning after feeding their children Special K for breakfast. Their children refused to get themselves dressed and the eldest (about 9) simply dropped her pjs outside the tent! They then left leaving the tent in a state and not having washed up the breakfast things. We didn’t see the adults shower once the whole time they were here!

Isle of Wight bus trip day 2

We caught the number 8 into Ryde and then picked up the open top bus heading for Robin Hill. This was where we encountered example 2: The family sat behind us wanted to get off at Quarr Abbey but left it too late to ring the bell. When the bus eventually stopped at the next stop one of the adults seriously expected the driver to turn round and take them back. When he said he couldn’t they decided to stay on which meant I had two of their brats screaming in my ear all the way to Robin Hill.


The third example was as we were about to leave and we’re waiting for the tractor train. A family turned up after us and when the tractor arrived pushed their way to the front. There were limited seats available and instead of saying “oh you were here before us…..” they just piled on taking the last seats and leaving us to wait for the next one.


And while I’m having a moan….it’s bad enough having to pay £1.80 for a coffee that comes out of a machine but when Robin Hill charge you £1.50 for a cup of tea that you have to make yourself INCLUDING boiling the kettle that’s just taking the piss!



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