6th August

We set off early as we were going to visit the far side of the island. We’d only got as far as Newport when we witnessed a second traffic accident in 24 hours. Yesterday we’d seen a car crash headlong into a traffic light on the way for lunch. Today as we drove near the bus station we pulled up behind a large vehicle that was reversing into a parking space. While we were waiting I heard a loud bang and then saw a bus pull up with a broken windscreen. As our view cleared we saw what had happened as there was someone lying half on the road and half on the pavement surrounded by people.


After we left the scene I was a bit shaken and we managed to get on the wrong road several times before we found the right one and ended up at Fort Victoria which is one of two forts built to guard the entrance to the Solent. Now it has an aquarium, model train exhibition and a planetarium. We went into the aquarium which mostly contains local fish and other DEA creatures. My favourite was the blue lobster!


We saw a sailing race going past which judging by how close the boats were together I think it must have just started – maybe out of Cowes. We drove down to Totland bay where the race passed us again heading for the open sea. We had lunch before deciding to go to Freshwater for a cup of tea.


While we were at Freshwater I walked up to the Dimbola museum to see the Jimi Hendrix statue. I remembered my friends story about how he’d managed to get onto the side of the stage at the 1970 festival and had been inches from Hendrix as he left the stage and his shock when he died a few weeks later. I would have liked to have seen the photography exhibitions but we didn’t have time. We headed off to see some alpacas just up the road. On the way back we visited Winkle street for only the second time!



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