8th August

It rained this morning – probably the worst rain of the holiday so far. I ended up sharing my shower with the biggest cranefly I’ve ever seen plus a multitude of moths of various sizes and colours. We didn’t do much as we were waiting for friends to arrive. Sarah spent the time looking into where to go next year. We ended up having an argument because I said I didn’t like the idea of going on holiday with friends – maybe I should return to this topic another time…..


In the afternoon Sarah and I walked into St.  Helens which is the nearest village. Sarah used to do the walk regularly when she used to come here before we got together to catch the bus but I’d never done it as there is now a bus stop outside the site entrance. We had a wander round and looked at the houses.


Afterwards I went for a swim in the sea. The tides had changed so that the tide was out when I had been going in the morning. The beach slips away quite quickly so when the tide is in you can get out of your depth quite quickly but the sea bed levels off meaning that when the tide is out you can walk quite a way and still only be ankle deep.


In the evening we went to a barbecue round at our friends tent. They’re South African and had brought some sausage like they would eat at home which I enjoyed but none of the others did.


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