9th August

I love the south side of the island with it’s towering cliffs and the chines that run down to sea. I love Ventnor and the way the road winds down to the town centre and the way the houses perch on the hills. The road along the coast twists and turns and at one point drops down to a single lane because the cliff has fallen away and the side of the road nearest the sea has had bites taken out of it.

We went back to Blackgang Chine again with our friends. It was an absolutely beautiful day, hot and sunny. We had to take cover under a tree to eat our lunch to avoid getting burnt. Our friend’s daughter presented me with a daisy so I stuck it in the band on my hat.




On the way back a sea fret rolled in, it was so misty that as we drove along the seafront at Sandown we couldn’t even see the sea! We drove around a few holiday parks on the way back but didn’t really see any that we’re as good as the one we’re on now. Some wanted quite a lot of money for a stay on a site with no facilities other than a shop. So it looks like we’ll be back again next year!

Lissi went out with the boys from the next tent and their dad last night. They went down the beach and then up to the club house for party dances. Afterwards they had hot chocolate at their tent before she got back at 1:45!!

Fog horns were going off during the night – reminded me of being at home during the summer when I was younger. The fog would always roll in when the hot weather would come and we lived close enough to the sea front to hear their mournful cries during the night.


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