10th August

Lost track of how many times I’ve got wet today! Started off with a shower, then we went to the beach and I was in and out of the sea, then I had to shower Ben, then I had a shower only to get soaked again later in a giant water fight with the people in the next tent!


This morning Sarah and I went into Shanklin to buy her nan a present. I’d seen a little VW camper bis in a shop the other day but didn’t have any cash on me at the time so I was glad to find it was still there today!

After lunch we went to the beach, I swam and made sandcastles for Ben…..


Afterwards I took Ben to the shower and then had one myself. Sarah and I then went to book next year’s holiday and when we returned we found the kids from the next tent filling their rubber dinghy with water. I only just had enough time to change my t-shirt before the water started flying!


In the evening they’d invited us to their bbq but when it came down to it they started eating without saying anything and we’re not the type who would just go over. After a while we gave up and started to cook what we were originally going to eat – sausages and mash. We were just making a sausage sandwich for Ben when we got invited over!


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