12th August

First day at home for two weeks – got up early and cut the grass in the garden. Then I put the parasol up and sat in the garden drinking the first decent coffee for two week and listening to Gregorian Chants! Sarah came out and we decided to have a barbecue,

So we went off to Tesco and as is typical the shelves that have been full of barbecue stuff for last 5 or 6 weeks had been cleared and replaced with the “Back to School” selection. I knew we had charcoal but needed some sort of lighting stuff. The story was the same in Aldi and Wilkinsons but I finally managed to track some down in Nisa.


For the third year running I went out to see if I could spot the Perseid meteor shower and unlike the previous two years the sky was quite clear. However although I could see lots of stars I suspect that where I live throws too much light pollution into the sky and the only things I saw moving through the heavens were aeroplanes in holding patterns for the major London airports! So I took some picture of one of the cats who was sitting on the fence silhouetted against the clear night sky. Then I went inside to watch the end of the Olympic closing ceremony. There were some rather amusing comments being pasted on Facebook about the whole charade – it struck me though how much music in the opening and closing ceremonies that was put forward to represent the nation was probably considered quite subversive when it was first released! How times change….


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